Interview of Jeanette Snider, Primetime Contract C.N.A. on 10/23/14


Jeanette:  “I have been an aid for 21 years and I have never seen a facility that is this clean or this pretty and well-kept. Your equipment, such as the ceiling tracks, is awesome. I had never seen ceiling tracks before and the equipment you have available is very helpful to the aids and to the residents. The food is always recognizable, and I like how you service your residents. Residents are served one dish at a time instead of on a food cart like at the other facilities I have seen. Also, it always smells so nice here. No urine and feces smells.”


Sara: “Why do you think it smells so much better here?”


Jeanette: “It is a lot cleaner here because aids have access to the supplies that are needed. There are always plenty of garbage bags and other supplies, which help the comfort of the residents and help the nursing assistants do their jobs safer and cleaner. Many other facilities I have worked in have rationed supplies which caused unclean and unsafe conditions.”


Jeanette also decided that she would like to come back to Beulah, ND, in spite of it being in the middle of nowhere, because she “got so spoiled here.” When asked why she felt that way when others may not feel the same way, she replied, “If you don’t feel that way, then apparently you have never been anywhere else.”