Management of the Home

Administrator Roseanne Schmidt
Director of Nursing Seth Fisher
Business Office Manager Linda Czywczynski
Human Resources/Safety Director
Alice Grinsteinner
Medical Director Dr. Michelle Placke MD
Activity Director Carey Van Pelt
Certified Dietary Manager Cheree Tesky
Dietitian Dawn Ziegler
Director Social Services Kala Geestman
Health Information Supervisor
Jill Bohrer
HIPAA Privacy Officer Jill Bohrer
Corporate Compliance Officer Alice Grinsteinner
Foundation Director Alice Grinsteinner
Physical Therapist Dannette Huber
Certified Occupational Therapy Aide Jessica Schulz
Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor Darlene Klein
Maintenance Supervisor Allen Weil
Pharmacist Rick Boehm
Quality Management Nurse Erin Sorensen
Information Technology Services Alex Cameron